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4CS Team Manifesto

4Cs is currently in the pre-launch phase.  Over the past few months, our purpose has become clearer and has evolved.  This document is created as the next stage of growth from our original Coordination Services Proposal.  The intention of this document is to communicate who we are and what we do.


Who We Are

Our Purpose

[The impact we’re trying to make in the world.]

Our key purpose is to help people develop and grow through effective communication, coordination, care, and culture.

We do this with a very unique approach that we like to call

4C Services (‘Foresee’) a.k.a. 4Cs: Communication, Coordination, Care, and Culture.

Our Mission

[Our core strategy to fulfill our purpose.]

We facilitate communication between our teams while encouraging respect and connection.  We thrive on coordinating our people, projects, and processes to elevate our team’s goals through organization and collaboration.  In everything we do, we seek to spread an inspirational culture of enabling virtuous life cycles.  We encourage growth through love and personal care.  We seek to continually raise the bar while serving with a refreshing dose of humility.

          A Word about Virtuous Life Cycles

A virtuous life cycle describes a series of stages in the life of a person, product, or process that are continuously nurtured to enhance the value of each step along the way, thus increasing inspiration throughout, while evolving it to create higher value for all constituents.  We want people to grow and be happy.  A Virtuous Life Cycle is a means to that end.  By making a life cycle virtuous, each action is elevated to a higher purpose.  Creativity is empowered through alignment with a much greater perspective.  Use of time is freed up to step back and look at the big picture, expand accomplishments, and develop on higher levels.  We enable virtuous life cycles.  We uncover them, improve their well-being, and make them vibrant.


Our Vision

[Our view of what we want to achieve and how will it look when our purpose is largely realized.]

Our constituents feel supported and inspired to grow.  Our virtuous life cycles are very well organized, nurtured, and each produces more energy than it takes to create and utilize.  We are empowered to share our services with more of the world, therefore making a bigger impact on the well-being of our loved ones, communities, and planet.

Our work empowers synergy amongst our team members, our clients, our client’s customers, our stakeholders, and our community.  Our approach is to not only improve our employee’s day-to-day activities, but to also empower every level of all that we do.

Our Mantra

[Our guiding instrument of thought – what we embody and inspire in others.]

Clarity, Focus, Confidence, Courage, Health, Love, Peace.

By bringing clarity to our team members, we clear the path for them to be able to see their goals and an effective approach.  This leads directly to them being able to have focus in what they are doing because they have alignment and clarity on our global purpose.  Having clarity and focus on their pursuits and knowing they are aligned with our purpose and mission, will boost everyone’s confidence in what they are doing as well as empower their strength to move forward with courage.  Achieving aligned goals and having success through virtuous life cycles will provide an increase in energy level and happiness which as a proven positive impact on our team’s health. Having a happy and healthy team where love is a driving force will enable our company and everyone connected to it (clients, community, the world we are touching) to achieve a peaceful state.
Our Tenets:

[Our fundamental truths, values, and foundation.]

Participate Radically.  Active participation is a must.   There are no spectators.  All participants must seek and pursue the knowledge and understanding of how to participate in a virtuous life cycle.  We believe that transformative change can occur only through deep personal participation.  We achieve being through doing.  “Be the change that you want to see.”  

Communal Effort.  Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration.  We strive to produce, promote, and protect social networks and methods of communication that support such interaction.

Be Genuine.  The path of growth itself is something to celebrate.  We believe the journey of improving is way more important than being the best.  Rather than over-exaggerating that something is accomplished while it is still in progress, we are honest with where we are at.  Being genuine at all times is core to what we do.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Serve with White Gloves.  Make the experience of others extremely pleasant by putting yourself in their shoes and making their participation very simple.  We feel that being in service is something to be proud of.  Helping people understand and come to quick answers is what we want to do.  We do not serve as a substitute for others’ participation – we are a partner.  We help others to understand the value of what we do and how it benefits them.  We serve as your partner.

See Opportunities.  As you run into challenges or obstacles, demonstrate your ability to overcome them by asking the right questions, researching solutions, and helping others to see the “why” rather than jumping to the “how” (action).  Rather than plowing ahead and following assumptions, step back and ask yourself beautiful questions that may shift the way we think about something and serve as a catalyst to bring about positive change.  Change problems into opportunities for growth.

Adapt to Change.  The only constant in life is change.  We are comfortable in a state of continuous growth and change.  We are never overly attached to things being a certain way.  We are able to quickly pivot with a good attitude, see the value in change, and exhibit patience. Be the example of improvement.  “Resistance to Change = Pain”

Elevate and Refine.  Go beyond ‘checking things off the list’ and think about why we are doing them to elevate their purpose.  With anything that comes across your plate, look for options to expand achievement and improve it.  Research best practices and refine accordingly.  Improve everything you touch and make sure integrity is included in every aspect of what you do. Being proactive is one of our main characteristics!

Set the Bar.  Be the example of excellence in every action that you take.  Be humble with your actions and positively encourage growth in everyone.  See the value in each person’s personality, role, and opinion and seek to create balance for the team by integrating them all.

What We Do


Bring awareness to the purpose of what our teams are doing by asking “why” questions that help people to understand and come to quick answers.

Seek and help to understand the “why” and look for the most virtuous solution to “how”.

Help the alignment of plans to our best practices and build in reuse.

Make sure the “why” is clearly communicated and the “how” is aligned with the “why”.

Facilitate communication of assignments in SMARTER format in system.

Coordinate daily check in and check out processes so that teams have clear prioritization and communication.

Collaborate with managers to create a 2 week of backlog for each individual that they are inspired to get to and have clear prioritization while keeping the alignment with our strategic processes.

Review updates on WPAs and suggests changes to meet management goals.


Evaluate execution is aligned with the planned “why”.  Make sure it’s accurately executed.

Update system and action plans to show progress and accurate estimations (when required/suggested by managers or leads).

Help managers identify misalignment.

Work closely with leaders to ensure implementation of their decisions are handled smoothly and followed through.

Remove friction points and ensure smooth handoffs between processes and areas.

Act as living example of humility, respect, and collaboration and encourage this behavior within our teams.

Bring awareness to the teams about processes and projects.

Facilitate meetings that are well prepared and schedule them to advance projects with appropriate reviews.

Serve as strong support to management to keep them in their genius zones.

Reflection and Improvement

Identify and suggest improvements to templates and processes so that each produces more energy than it consumes including identification of opportunities for standardization and reuse.

Implementation of Naming and Numbering Convention

Organization of documents so that the information the team needs to find is easy to find quickly.

Provide useful reports

Work with managers to identify which reports will be useful to them, work with teams to coordinate updates on a regular basis, and review with managers to evaluate opportunities for improvement based on reports.

[This is how we define our use of these key terms.]

A Beautiful Question – An ambitious yet actionable question that can begin to shift the way we perceive or think about something -- and that might serve as a catalyst to bring about change.

Caring – Providing mindful attention that is rooted in interest and love with shared responsibility.

Communication – The activity of conveying information through the exchange of ideas, feelings, intentions, attitudes, expectations, perceptions, or commands.

Coordination – The act of skillfully organizing and connecting people, projects, and processes together to elevate the results of a common goal.

Constituents – A component of our community including our associates, our vendors, our clients, our clients’ customers, our stakeholders, our families, our neighbors, and our friends.

Culture – This term comes from a Latin meaning of “cultivation of the soul”.  It refers to the betterment or refinement of individuals, especially through education.

Foresee – A high level of awareness and ability to not only to visualize future possibilities, but also what steps can help bring them into reality.

Stories/Quotes About Us

Charly, ESP Program Manager: “Estefania is helping me to forget about those everyday tasks that are not the core of my role and I shouldn’t be focussed on, that frees time to work on my genius area.  Estefania has also improved the performance of the teams by collaborating with tasks like translation in the ESP Console for the Tracfone Site and creation of internal process forms in the ESP Console allowing us to free other resources that can focus on more technical tasks."
Damian, IT Manager: “A few days before I went on vacations, I had my doubts on whether to postpone them or not, since we had one of the company´s most important projects coming up. I was worried that the fact that I was out of the office, with almost no connectivity, could be a big problem. However, thanks to Sol Altamirano (and taking into account her performance during her first days as a Coordinator), these doubts vanished. She kept me informed about all the important and urgent items that needed my attention or participation, in a way that it only took a few minutes of my time to take care of them.
The help provided by the Coordinators team is undeniable, because they assist managers allowing them to focus on essential responsibilities, and they reduce the time we usually spend on administrative tasks (such as checking e-mails and AtTask, doing projects follow-up, etc.). I really appreciate the way they contribute on a daily basis.”
Roy, Director of Client Solutions:  “I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the fact we have talented coordinators to keep the meetings flowing, take notes (that are invaluable a day or two later), and most importantly, follow up on the action items including scheduling and rescheduling meetings to accommodate everyone's schedule. It would be a nightmare to do these things myself likely resulting in things getting dropped or forgotten.
Fede’s expertise in AtTask stands out.  He can take any of our processes and quickly add them as reusable templates for the entire company and his willingness to understand quickly what the request is and then to make a very fast iteration with a new version. Last but certainly not least - all coordinators keep our meeting series going by consistently resolving conflicts across the attendee list nightmare.”
Mariana M., Manager of Product Development: “Estefania has been taking a lot of things from my plate. It’s great to have such confidence in someone, knowing that everything you request will get done; you just forget and can focus on the things where you can add more value.
She has also been of great support for my team; she helps them with administrative stuff they don’t like and brings such positive spirit and energy, that you can’t help smile at least once per day when she’s around.”
“Nicole is like a bridge between ARG and USA; no matter the time zone, she’s always there to help coordinate the communication between the countries.“
Jesse Crowe, CEO:  “Through Andrea’s service and support, she allows him to stay in an abundance mindset, provides him confidence in follow through, and creates inspiration to elevate feedback and focus. She has positivity in all that she does and her follow through is good as well as her engagement inspiring”.
Melinda Chelliah, CFO:  “Kelsey has been a godsend!   The productivity and response rate for requests and projects has risen dramatically since she has arrived.   Two examples of her work in action are the lease negotiations for the US office and the Talent Development & JAD project facilitation.
Kelsey has taken care of facilitating the lease renewal including meeting with our lease agent to identify and visit potential new properties, analyze current offerings, and to ensure timely negotiations between all parties. This has allowed me to focus on the strategic aspect of the negotiations and on our VMBC business operations.
In addition, Kelsey has become very proficient with our Strategic Initiatives and is a key team member in drafting 2 high profile projects with Ale and Clara.  Her understanding of the keystone process and templates has proved invaluable in keeping the projects moving through the process.  In addition, her research into the Virtuous Lifecycle and Conscious Capitalism have transformed our team’s implementation of concept into daily action and these 2 projects.”

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